Prime Executions combines the experience of its sales team and brokers with all available technologies provided by the NYSE as well as many outside vendors to create a value added execution experience. We believe that the unique information at the point of sale in combination with the other electronic tools at our disposal gives the customer a better chance to find liquidity. Prime Executions has lines into multiple different sales desks, which help create block opportunities for our Buy-Side clients, all while maintaining their anonymity.

Parity has also been an important “value-add” tool that the floor brokerage community has been able to offer to the financial community for decades. As the NYSE new model has adapted in a post Reg NMS world, the principals of Prime Executions have been heavily involved with the creation of unique tools that features the benefits of using a floor broker at the point of sale. Our algorithms offer higher fill rates and less shortfall slippage than the street’s average. The NYSE recently hired Abel Noser to execute an independent analysis of the average floor broker execution.

Openings and Closings have become even more important liquidity events because often it is the only time a block goes on in a stock. Our experience gives you the important flexibility and certainty of execution needed at that critical point in time during the trading day when price discovery is vital. Brokers at Prime have been critical to developing the NYSE tools at our disposal; therefore we have a certain astute expertise employing them.

Prime Executions, Inc.